The Amazing Odin

Parts of Northern California are being decimated by wildfires. Here’s one story of survival and a stubborn, loyal dog named Odin.

“Amid The Horrors Of Wildfire, A Tale Of Survival And Singed Whiskers” (from NPR)


Volleyball + soccer + trampoline + music

= a sport called bossaball

This short video introduces the sport being played by at-risk kids in Bogota, Colombia (in Spanish, with English subtitles):

Here’s more about the sport: You could use this for a research task.

It would be hard to demonstrate it yourself for the demonstration task, but you could gather together video clips and screenshots to show us how it’s played.

And today’s acronym is …

UNESCO, of course.

I thought it was fake news when I saw the news alert last night. Here are a few things to watch and read, to help you talk about the organization and the news about it.

The statement by the director about the U.S. withdrawal

A little background about how this isn’t the first time the U.S. has withdrawn or refused to help fund it:

“Why the U.S. Has Such a Rocky Relationship With UNESCO” from Slate

And a recent addition to UNESCO’s World Heritage list: the island off Fukuoka called Okinoshima, which apparently does not allow women (from The Guardian):