Hello Goodbye

Read through this infographic and decide for yourself how helpful it is. I think it got some things right and some things not so right. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say “Sayonara” when hanging up the phone. At least it’s not the most common way to hang up. In formal business calls, you should say 失礼します or maybe ごめんください (that may be more common among the older folks). With friends, I guess the words I hear most are じゃ、or また、or バイバイ.

And the part about it being rude to talk on the phone in public places? Please! Okay, maybe there is a bit less of it than in some countries, but I see (and hear) it every day. The businessman sitting next to me on the train yesterday was making appointments and conferencing with people — pretty loudly — for at least 10 minutes.

Any other hits and misses you see on the infographic?


infographic found on Pinterest


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