Condiment Face

When I first came to Japan, people told me that there were two types of Japanese men’s faces (typical facial characteristics): those with a “shoyu face” and those with a “sauce face”.

The shoyu face has a more “typical” Japanese characteristics, while the sauce face has more pronounced features. The chart above adds the “salt face” (a more “Asian” appearance), a “vinegar face” (even less pronounced features than the salt face), a “sugar face” (boyish), a “miso face” (rounder, less sharp features than the sauce face), a “mayonnaise face” (not quite as boyish and sweet as the sugar face), a “ketchup face” (something between miso and sauce, apparently). And the last is the “olive oil face”, which is what all the young “idols” seem to want to look like today.

No Sriracha face on the list … which is what I thought when I saw this:

“What Your Favorite Condiment Says About You”


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