Start your year off with an achievable goal

Here are some things to think about when making — and achieving — one goal at a time (from Harvard Business Review):

Achieve Your Goals in 2014 — Here’s Research That Can Help

This list is good for reading practice and will help you try to change your vague, “wouldn’t it be nice if” goals into something realistic, detailed, and achievable.

For instance, instead of a language learning goal like this:

“I want to become fluent in English”

Or this:

“I want to try hard to speak English better” / “I will study harder.”

Try this:

“I will write one blog post a day / a week  about a topic I’m interested in.” And “I will do Noticing for one new word/phrase every week.”

And re-watch the Matt Cutts TED Talk. It will help you think about what’s important in creating realistic, achievable goals.


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