Pay-by-the-minute cafe

Instead of paying for the food and drinks you order, this cafe in London asks you to pay by the minute, and you can eat as much of the “free” food as you want.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 7.36.03 AM

The article says that you pay 3 pence a minute (about ¥5) and although there’s no time limit per se, the maximum payment is £9 (about ¥1550). Does that mean you have to leave in 5 hours, or you can stay as long as you want but only have to pay £9?

You can also bring your own food, but no alcohol is permitted.

The idea started in Russia, says the article, with a franchise called Ziferblat, which means “clockface”. Read more here.

A good business chance for some enterprising university student? How much would you charge per minute? Could you do the same thing for a family restaurant, or a ramen or sushi place? Maybe a good idea for a chef-in-the-making to try out recipes and see what people like and what wouldn’t be a good seller?


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