Fun with movie titles

via Havad English

This is entertaining and it can be useful for language practice in many different ways. So here are some writing prompts for today:

  • Analyze the dialogue and comment about which parts seem particularly natural (or not) to you.
  • Look up the Japanese titles* of each (or some) of these movies and comment about those that are different.
  • Try giving the video subtitles in Japanese, not necessarily using the Japanese movie titles, but translating the English ones. Does it make sense? How often does direct translation (直訳) work well?
  • Try doing the same thing with other movies, or with book titles. For instance, you could take a list of Oscar-winning movies and try to make a dialogue or a story using just the titles. Or use the titles of all the books on your shelves to make a dialogue or story.

*I’ve found that one of the quickest ways to discover the Japanese title of an English-language movie is just to google it: 「title in English 映画」. Like this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 8.37.47 AM


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