Feline collaboration

I guess it’s not really collaborating if your partners don’t have a voice, but this video was too cute not to pass along. It’s not exactly a very detailed plot summary, but it’s a small child by the sound of it. And he is partnered by kittens.

The Pet Collective has a whole YouTube channel dedicated to using cute animals to tell stories.

(via Hello Giggles)

Some things to do in English today:

  • Discussion Question: Do you think the pets are having fun? (If you have time, look at the “Home Alone” one and then re-think the question.) Do you think it’s okay for pet owners to use them for play, dress them up, etc?
  • Writing Prompt: If you’ve seen “Ghostbusters”, what important points do you think the child left out? What details that he did add do you think aren’t really necessary for a plot summary?
  • Research Question: “Feline” means “cat” or “of the cat family” or “catlike”,  and it includes lions, tigers, leopards as well as the domesticated house cat. Try to find similar words for dog, cow, horse, bird, pig, and any others you think are interesting. (If you have trouble, the term “collateral adjective” may help, and you’re looking for words that end in “〜ine”.) While you’re at it, try to find the words for baby animals if you don’t know them. A baby cat is a kitten, right? What’s a baby dog, cow, etc.?

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