I’ll have vinegar with those noodles

Drinking vinegar has been popular among dieters in Japan for at least several years. A quick google image search will show you the familiar brands.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 1.29.24 PM

Today I discovered that a similar drink is popular — not as a diet supplement but as a beverage with noodles — at at least a couple of restaurants in Portland Oregon. (And NYC, too, it looks like from the website below.)

It’s called Pok Pok Som,  and these are three flavors we tried today:



Unlike the drinking vinegars in Japan, they’re served with soda water, to make an unusual soft drink. The raspberry (left) was a bit too sweet, as was the pineapple (for my tastes), but the rhubarb (middle) was excellent.

Oh, and the “Boat Noodles” were delicious, too!

Writing Prompts / Discussion Questions for today:

People often tell me in Japan that women like vinegary things, but that men don’t so much. Do you think that’s true? What other foods would you say are more typically favored by men or women? What’s the most interesting beverage you’ve had in the past year?


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