Everything you ate today

Some people like to take photos of the food they’re eating in restaurants. For most, it’s so they can post the photos on Tabelog or Yelp, as a review of the place, or on Facebook to show their friends. One of the common criticisms of social media today is that nobody really cares what you ate for breakfast. That may be true, but language learners need conversation starters, and food is something most people find easy to talk about.

It can also be a way to explain and debate personal preferences and cultural stereotypes. Here’s an example:

People Around the World Pose With Everything They Eat in a Day

(via Wired)

A Tokyo bike messenger:

A Shanghai computer graphics artist:

A Yemeni housewife:

Click on the article title above to see more.

If you were to make a series of photos like this, who would you choose to photograph?


2 thoughts on “Everything you ate today

  1. That’s one reason I liked this collection of photos, which are not just about the food; there are stories behind the photos, too.

  2. I can’t agree enough! People nowadays love to take pictures of whatever they eat! Sometimes, it backfired as the picture they took usually don’t make good impression of the food.

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