“Prank it Forward”


  • Prank = a practical joke or mischievous act (いたずら)
  • Hidden camera = ドッキリカメラ
  • “Pay it forward” = respond to someone’s kindness not by paying that person back directly but by being nice to someone else「恩送り」(人から受けた恩を、直接その人に返すのではなくて、他の人に送ること)(see also the 2000 movie)

This video is about a prank. But this “prank” is meant to be  nice, in a “pay it forward” kind of way. Watch and write about what you think. Do you feel happy for her, or do you feel sorry for her for being the center of this “prank”?


Other resources:

Other writing prompts:

  • Have you ever played a prank on someone? Has someone played one on you?
  • Have you ever “paid it forward” or been the recipient of a “pay it forward” act of kindness?
  • Do you have a friend you’d like to play a similar “prank” on? What does s/he really need right now?
  • Have you seen the movie? If so, write a movie review.

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