Opening books, opening doors

Watch this story about two teenagers from Ontario who wanted to help children who live in remote communities:

Read more about them on Inspire My Kids.

Here’s another video about them:

And here is their website: Books With No Bounds

Writing prompts:

  • In the first video, one sister mentions that many people in the aboriginal community get one only book for their entire life. If you could choose only one book that you could give to a child, what would you choose?
  • Have you ever donated money or books? Anything else?
  • What is your definition of “education”? Does having access to books equal access to education?
  • There’s a debate going on these days about e-books vs. “real” books. What’s your opinion?
  • How much, and what kind of books, did you read as a child? What impact has that experience had on who you are today?
  • The first video is about “Everyday Heroes”. Tell your own story about an “everyday hero”.
  • Do you have a sibling who is close to you in age? Have you ever undertaken a big project together?
  • Do you have a “mission” yet? What is it?

Research prompts:

  • Learn more about Ontario’s First Nations Communities (the aboriginal people). Try comparing what you find to what you know about the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido.

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