What’s this an ad for?

This first video is only in Japanese, but I don’t think you really need to understand the language to understand the story. When I saw it the other day on TV, I thought, “What’s this a commercial for?”

Yup. It’s for Tokyo Gas. My friends tell me that Tokyo Gas has been making commercials like this for years; I guess I just don’t watch enough TV.

I thought about this commercial when I saw this next video. What do you think it’s an ad for?


Writing prompts:

  • Write your impressions about the frog video. What did you think it was an ad for as you were watching? When did you realize what it was for? Do you think it’s an interesting or effective ad?
  • Describe an ad or commercial you’ve seen that you think is particularly effective, ineffective, shocking, annoying, or enigmatic.

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