What does PSA stand for?

Here’s a PSA called “Pushin’ Weight”:

(via Good.is)

So can you guess what PSA stands for?

P_____   S______  A___________


Here’s another PSA. It was on TV all the time when I was younger:

Here’s another:

After 3/11, there were many in Japan. The “AC” mini-jingle became a kind of “ohrwurm” for most of us for awhile.

And now one from Japan that I’d never seen before. You don’t need to understand Japanese to understand the video.

The announcement at the end says, “Don’t take away our children’s creativity.”

So, what does PSA stand for?

It stands for …

Public  Service  Announcement

Writing prompts:

  • What do you think about one or more of the PSAs above?
  • What makes an effective PSA?
  • Browse TIME’s list of top 10 PSAs and comment.
  • Find a Japanese PSA you like and translate/describe it in English.
  • If you were to make your own PSA, what would it be about? How would you create it?



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