Being Goofy, and the importance of Noticing

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 8.30.38 AMI was reading this post about Pixar movies and the importance of stories:

No amount of technology will make a bad story good

(from Presentation Zen)

It’s an interesting read and includes a short video clip of Steve Jobs talking about Pixar.

Some lines I particularly liked:

…since our DVDs are in English the movies are more than mere entertainment.”

If you’re not already using your favorite movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, and music to help you learn languages, then you’re missing out on a treasure trove of language and culture.

I have learned so much about story structure, story elements, character, etc. simply by seeing them so many times and paying close attention.”

And this is what I mean when I keep talking about “Noticing” in classes — we learn about language by paying attention to how it works and how it’s used.

This “Which Disney character are you?” quiz was going around the other day, and even though I’m not much of a Disney or Pixar fan, I of course had to try it. I got Goofy. Yes, I like to laugh and have fun, especially when it comes to language learning 🙂


Writing prompts:

  • Have a look at the article and the video and pick out your own favorite quotes. Why are they interesting and meaningful to you?
  • Try the Disney character quiz and comment about why you think that’s the character you got.



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