Mrs. Abe makes a solo appearance

Embed from Getty Images

Mrs. Abe, the wife of the current Japanese prime minister, was in Shibuya yesterday joining a Gay Pride Parade. Interesting to see her there, as her husband is rather conservative. I’d like to have been a guest at their dinner table while they were talking about it. Actually, I don’t know anything about what Mr. Abe thinks about same-sex marriage, personally or politically. It’s not a political topic I hear about in the J-news-media.  Tokyo Rainbow Week started on 4/26 and goes to 5/6 this year.

It’s a topic with plenty of things to discuss.

Here are three short news articles about Mrs. Abe’s participation in the parade:

Akie Abe joins gay parade (Japan Today)

Japan’s first lady Akie Abe joins gay parade (Straits Times, from Singapore)

Japan’s First Lady joins thousands marching in Tokyo LGBT pride parade (LGBTQ Nation)

The Rainbow Week site is in Japanese, although there are a few things in English on it.


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