Art or vandalism?

What do you think about graffiti? When you see it, does it make you angry or afraid or does it make you think “That’s art!”

I suppose it depends on the type of graffiti. Is it meant to be vandalism, or is it meant to be art?

For anyone who visited Sakuragicho in Yokoham pre-2009, you’ll remember the great graffiti wall. I haven’t been to Sakuragicho for quite some time, but according to this blog post, the graffiti was painted over sometime in or before 2009.

And then there’s Banksy. Here’s a post from last December about him and “The Best Street Art of 2013”.

Global Street Art has a collection of images from around the world, including London, Copenhagen, São Paulo, Budapest, Delhi, Jakarta and many more cities.

Here’s a short article about a website called Color + City, which connects street artists with local businesses.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 10.27.15 AM

And here’s an article about a neighborhood in New York city that has a lot of street art.

Writing prompts:

  • Have you seen any graffiti in your neighborhood? Is your local government pretty good about getting rid of it quickly?
  • Do you have any street art, or would you like some, in your neighborhood or your school’s neighborhood?
  • What kind of street art do you think would enliven or entertain? What kind of art do you think would make people think about, for example, social or environmental problems?
  • There’s a word in Japanese for graffiti: 落書き. Is there also a word for “street art”?

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