Spring recycling

It’s spring, which means spring cleaning time. I was listening to a podcast segment about cleaning and de-cluttering (part 3 of the April 30 Slate Culture Gabfest) and was reminded of the reason why in many cultures “big cleaning” is done in the spring: it’s because traditionally homes were heated with coal, and so by the end of the winter, you’d be compelled to do a thorough cleaning.

In Japan, “big cleaning” is traditionally done in the last few days of the year, to welcome the new year with a clean house.

A simple solution: do big cleaning twice a year!

Here’s a collection of ideas (via Matador Network) to inspire you to de-clutter, recycle and reimagine what you have in your house or apartment

Change your tennis racket into a mirror:


Turn your old globe into a lamp or bowl … or both:

Turn an old yoga mat into a laptop sleeve:


See more here: “23 super creative repurposed items”


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