What would you have looked like in the 1980s or the 1890s?

One of the Friday students posted a photo in his portfolio of him with a chonmage (topknot) and samurai-era clothing. It’s got the sepia look to it, and he really looks like he was from the Edo Period. (Ask me in class and I’ll tell you which portfolio I’m talking about and how you can find his photo.)

I was reminded of his photo when I saw this today (from Demilked):

“16-Year-Old Shows How She Would Have Looked From The 1920s To 2010s”

What a fun project! It would be fun to do it for different cultures, too. And I would just LOVE to see some of this year’s girls try the “ganguro” style that was so popular 15 or 20 years ago. (As long as you don’t make the changes permanent!!)


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