Here’s some money. Hope it will help.

Here’s a story of a 10-year old girl in India who sent money to India’s Central Bank (like Japan’s 日本銀行, or in English the BOJ (Bank of Japan)) because she was worried they didn’t have enough.

“The 10-year-old who offered money to India’s central bank”

(from the BBC)

Read the article to find out answers to these questions:

  • How much did she send?
  • What happened to the money she sent?
  • How did her parents react?
  • How did the Reserve Bank of India react? And how did Laila feel about that reaction?
  • What happened to the money?
  • What happened in Mumbai?
  • What questions did Laila ask Mr. Rajan, and what were his answers?
  • What does Laila want to be when she grows up?

Writing prompts/discussion questions/research questions:

  • Laila’s parents talk to their young children about the news. Did that happen in your house when you were her age? Do you remember feeling particularly strongly about anything they talked about? Do you still talk to your parents about the news?
  • If you wrote a letter to the BOJ, what would you say? Do you think you’d get a reply?
  • Is it possible to visit the BOJ? (FYI, the FRB in New York offers guided tours. See more info here. And find out how many FRBs there actually are here.)
  • The U.S.’s FRB chairperson is a woman now (her last name is very close to my first name — not sure? Look here.). Has the BOJ ever had a woman chairperson?
  • When you were 10, what did you want to be in the future? Is it different now?

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