When in Qatar …

… do as the Qatar constitution and penal code tell you to do.

When I came to Japan for the first time as a college student on a homestay program, my classmates and I were advised to “dress appropriately” for two reasons: 1) We were representing our country and were expected to dress in a way that would not embarrass, and 2) Because we were informed that “nobody” in Japan wore sleeveless shirts, short-shorts, or jeans with holes or patches.

Well, when I got to Japan, I realized that I was misinformed about #2, but I suppose it was still good advice. Better to be a bit more conservative, especially when traveling to an unfamiliar country.

Qatar has apparently tried to make such advice into law, including some pretty stiff fines for “reciting songs” too. Read about it here:

Qatar announces mildly creepy new dress code for foreigners



One thought on “When in Qatar …

  1. Hi Ellen,

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