Show and tell

When I was in kindergarten, we had “Show and Tell” days. They were basically short presentations by the kids to introduce something they thought was interesting. I have a pretty vivid memory of one student brining in his (I think it was a boy, but I don’t remember now) pet spider, a tarantula. I suppose this happened at many kindergartens around the US. Not sure if this custom is still going on, but I hope so. It’s a great way for students to get used to presenting in front of a group of peers.

We’ll be doing more of this as the year progresses, and I wanted to remind everyone about the importance of both SHOWing and TELLing. Just telling is, to generalize, not as interesting. If the boy had just told us about his tarantula without having it there with him, it wouldn’t have been nearly as interesting.

When you give your presentations, keep in mind how important visuals are.

Here’s one example from the news today.

Question: How crowded is Tokyo? What’s the population of Tokyo?

I could (and would) explain with words about the population and horror stories about how crowded it can get here. But having a visual that really grabs your attention will make sure people are interested, paying attention, asking questions, and hopefully learning.

The map above is from “Countries With Fewer People than New York and Tokyo” 


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