Yesterday in one class, we were talking about the word “portmanteau”, which means taking two words and putting them together to create a new word. The word we were talking about was “netiquette”:


Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 7.07.39 AM

So then we started thinking of other portmanteau (portmanteaus?  portmanteaux?) … either seems acceptable as the plural form.

brunch = BReakfast + lUNCH

blog = weB + LOG

Japanglish = JAPANese + enGLISH

cosplay = COStume + PLAY

metrosexual = METROpolitan + heteroSEXUAL

affluenza = AFFLUENce + inFLUENZA

This last one came from a news story some of the students and I talked about in a class last year.

labradoodle = LABRADor + pOODLE

The Obamas’ dog is one of these.

There are more portmanteau examples here and here. Which words do you know and use? Are there portmanteau in Japanese or any other language you’re learning?


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