Tennis players and their quirks

Could Novak Djokovic’s quirks be the reason he beat Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final on Sunday?

“Quirk” is a word that’s fun to say and fun to talk about. It means an unusual, peculiar behavioral habit. Some synonyms: eccentricity, foible, idiosyncrasy, whim.

Djokovic’s quirks include shower preferences and taking his pet poodle on the road with him. Find out more, and about other famous players’ idiosyncrasies in this article from

Winning at Wimbledon: 7 Top Players & Their Good Luck Rituals

Do you have any good luck rituals that you follow before, say, a big exam or competition? Do you have any idiosyncracies?

For instance, I had a roommate in college who always wore the same socks on exam days. She called them her lucky socks. They didn’t always work though 😉 And my grandfather had an idiosyncracy: if he was driving down a hill with a stoplight at the bottom, he would turn off the ignition of his car on the hill and glide to a stop. He thought it was a good way to save gas. I thought it was funny, but it drove my grandmother a little crazy. 🙂



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