Ideas about beauty, and about what’s important to us

One singer decides to write a song about how we shouldn’t spend so much time and energy trying to look like what we think society believes we should look like.

Here’s the song:

Here’s an interview with the singer:

“Colbie Caillat Is Tired of Being Photoshopped: Here’s What She Did About It”

She’s talking mostly about what she’s seen and experienced in US society, and how women are probably more pressured to wear make-up, have perfect hair, be thin, wear heels, etc. But I think that men in Japan (at least in Tokyo) spend about as much time as women thinking about these things. Not the make-up and heels, but certainly fashion, hair, and weight.

A week or so ago, these before and after pictures were going around the internet: picturs of what people in different countries around the world consider to be beautiful. As the creator of this project says, these reflect both “personal and cultural concepts of beauty”, but she’s right: it’s a very interesting discussion.

Here are two. You can see the rest here.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 9.57.37 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 9.58.46 AM


Browsing the site of this human interest reporter and bilingual blogger, I found a post about Fukushima. It’s not really about Fukushima, though. It’s about someone who meets a traveler and has a brief conversation, which makes her ponder what’s really important to her.


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