“Oh, I don’t do cursive.”

  (animated GIFs via Handwriting for Kids)

We were talking about cursive handwriting in one class the other day. The students (university freshmen) told me that they didn’t learn cursive writing in their English classes in junior high or high school. Now, it seems, even many native English speakers aren’t learning it either.

Is this a part of English language culture that we’re remiss not to learn? How about in Japanese language culture? Are there things that students aren’t learning anymore that you think should still be part of their education?

Below are three articles to read and help you think about the role of cursive handwriting.

Treasured Ink: Is Cursive a Thing of the Past? (from Iowa Public Radio — this one has two listening excerpts, too)

Cursive is Ready for a Comeback (from Education Week — see note below)

Five Reasons Kids Should Still Learn Cursive Writing (from TIME)

The second article is from Education Week. You may not be able to read the whole story without registering, which you can do for free. If you don’t want to register but want to read the story, send me a message and I’ll send you an Evernote link to the story.


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