The solution: Four-lane sidewalks

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 7.48.58 AM

Washington, D.C. experimented with a new kind of sidewalk last week. Stenciled on the sidewalk were signs that said one lane is for people walking with their smart phones, and in the other lane they were prohibited. In the phone-OK lane, pedestrians were warned that they should walk there “at their own risk”.

This was a one-day experiment conducted by National Geographic TV for a series which will probably air later this year.

(via Quartz: “Will city-dwellers actually use a no-cellphones lane on the sidewalk?”)

On many sidewalks in Tokyo, there are lanes for pedestrians and for bicyclists. Now we another for smart phone users. And maybe a 4th lane after that: for smokers? We’ll need to widen all the sidewalks to do that, though. Any suggestions about urban planning for Tokyo?


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