“Many hands and a strong base”

In some classes this semester, we talked about washoku being designated as a UNESCO intangible culture heritage, and some students read this article: “Food Fighter” from Slate.

Today I ran across another UNESCO designated intangible culture heritage: Spain’s human tower tradition:

“The Castells of Catalonia: Inside the Incredible Art of Human Towers”

Some lines I liked from the article, which can be said about many other things besides making human towers:

“It takes many hands and a strong base to make a human tower.”


“Any person that wants to help is invited to join the base.”


“By practicing, we’ll see which is the best way to organize…”


“The crowd gives stability to the tower and also security for the climbers and the children. They are 90 percent of the colla. They are the ones that no one sees but they should be rewarded with nice words and care by all the climbers because without them it’s not possible to do big structures.”


“We are not superman, we are normal people doing extraordinary things”


“We learn by teaching and we help others learn by doing and sharing our feelings and thoughts.


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