Happy Birthday to the creator of the Moomins

I have a relative whose birthday is August 9th. For years, I was always a little sad because the only other event that this day made me think of was the anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki. But today I discovered that it’s also the birthday of the creator of the Moomins, the Finnish comic characters that are so beloved in Japan.

Tove Jansson, creator of Moomin, was born August 9, 1914. Here are a few links to learn more about her, Finland, and the history of the

“family of hospitable and adventuresome trolls who vaguely resemble tubby two-legged hippos.”

“Tove Jansson, Queen of the Moomins” (from The Daily Beast)

“Finland: It’s Moomin marvellous” (from The Independent)

All Things Moomin

There are quite a few Moomin videos on YouTube, some in English. This one is from a Japanese TV series from the 1990-2, and it seemed appropriate for today:


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