Nice or nuisance?


There’s a park in my neighborhood that I walk through sometimes early in the morning. Each time I do, I see a group of stray cats who seem to be quite healthy and content. One day, I understood why. As I was walking through, I saw a man ride up on his bicycle. The cats saw him and starting crowding around him and meowing. He had dry cat food for them, and placed in in piles here and there.

A couple of weeks later, I was walking through the same park at around the same time, and I saw the same man. This time, though, he had brought some plastic dishes. Pink. The cats didn’t seem to mind.

Most people I talk to say that this is “meiwaku” (a nuisance to those who live in the area).What do you think?

How about this idea? Is it a good one?

(via Fast Company)


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