“My pen is my weapon”

Listen to some Iranian rap in this article from Al Jazeera, “Inside Iran’s ‘revolutionary’ rap”.

You can also listen to the article itself. It’s an automated voice, not completely “human” or natural”, but it’s not that bad.


A quote from Hichkas, which is the stage name of “the godfather of Iranian rap”:

“Unlike many of his counterparts, Hichkas avoids swearing and rapping about violence, drugs and women.”The rap here is very different, it’s about something real” …  Instead, Hichkas’ music tackles social and moral issues such as drug addiction, depression, poverty and youthunemployment. “We feel we shouldn’t have bad influences on people,” he said.

The title of this post is a quote from female rapper Salome MC, who, according to the article now lives in China, and according to her Wikipedia page, lived in Japan as well (on a MEXT scholarship).


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