It brings me back

The word 懐かしい(natsukashii) is one of the most used and useful words in the Japanese language. In English, it’s similar to nostalgia, but that word isn’t used nearly as much in English. If you hear a song that makes you feel nostalgic, you’re more likely to say something like, “Oh wow. That brings me back” or “Wow. Do you remember that??” or “That makes me think of ….” or “The first time I heard that I was …” Very few native English speakers would say, “I feel nostalgic.”

In Japanese, all you have to say is, 「懐かしい!」

Want to relive some memories? Try The Nostalgia Machine:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.42.20 AM


Choose the year and you’ll have a list of YouTube videos of the top 100 songs of that year:

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 8.24.44 AM

It won’t include those B’z songs from the 1990s or Morning Musume, because it’s only a collection of Billboard’s year-end top singles. But you can find out what songs were popular the year you were born, or the years your parents were born (the list goes back to 1960).




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