Hmmm. Eeto. Euh. Ähm.

Onomatopoeia = words that sound like what those things do or how they act


  • “Buzz” is the sound a bee makes.
  • “Whoosh” is the sound of something flying past you.
  • If you drop a heavy book on the floor, it goes “thud”.

Here are some fun ones from various languages. I don’t know how accurate or often-used the words are in other languages, but most of the English and Japanese examples are pretty good. Most.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 7.11.58 AM

See the rest on Bored Panda: “How do kissing, snoring, and other things sound in different languages?”

Here are some more examples of onomatopoeia.

And here are more, including a video (where you can hear the pronunciation of onomatopoeia) and a quiz:



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