Nobel: The Gender Gap

Continuing with the Nobel Week theme, here’s a question:

What percentage of Nobel Prize winners have been women?

According to the Nobel site, there have been 876 awards given to date (this week the number is changing), while some of these have been awarded to organizations (25 times), only 46 have been given to women (Marie Curie got two awards, so it’s actually only 45 women) (see source).

This graph was made in 2013 (source):

Yesterday I heard a story on NPR about how the people who really invented computer programming were women. At that time, the story says, women were much more active in math and science. It’s an inspiring story, and you can listen as well as read (there is a transcript of the audio in addition to the written article), to practice your listening skills:

“The Forgotten Female Programmers Who Created Modern Tech”

Japan’s 21 (or 22? see yesterday’s post) Nobel prizes have all gone to men. Who will break the gender barrier? Any predictions?


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