Japan’s Andy Warhol

Here’s a story about a Japanese artist opening an exhibit in New York. He uses tablets to help him create the art, and the pieces in this exhibition were inspired by the 3/11 disaster.

“Post-disaster angst fuels Japanese pop artist’s tablet-focused works”

The show is

“…like a trip through a surreal graveyard of ghosts and demons threatening to swallow Japan in space-borne black holes.”

Here’s the gate you must pass through to see the exhibit:

A sculpture:


Two abstract paintings:


See some of Mr. Murakami’s previous work here.

In this article from the Guardian, we learn that Mr. Murakami has collaborated with Kanye West (see more here) and Louis Vuitton.

Here’s a movie short (ad?) he made for Louis Vuitton. Trippy.

If you take a look at his Wikipedia page, it says that he coined the term “superflat”, which describes not only his own work but

“the aesthetic characteristics of the Japanese artistic tradition and the nature of post-war Japanese culture and society.”

If you’re planning on being in NYC over the winter break, the exhibit is open until January 17th.

Here’s part one of an interview he did with CNN, where they call him “Japan’s Andy Warhol”. He speaks in English during some of the  conversation with the CNN reporter, but most of the interview is dubbed.



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