Visual inspiration

A reminder: Visuals make things easier to understand when you’re explaining something. They’re fun to look at, too.

Here’s an idiom Japanese speakers will understand:


That link has French, Polish and Portuguese idioms, too.

Here’s a more detailed visual to explain the Japanese idiom:


Do some drawings to illustrate an idiom you know. Or try some of these English idioms (people from Britain, New Zealand and Australia are more likely to understand them than Americans, though). This one shouldn’t be too hard:

2. That went down a treat

If something goes down a treat, then it was thoroughly enjoyed.

This one, too:

4. Itchy feet

This refers to when you want to try or do something new, such as travelling.

If you want some more inspiration, check out these chalkboard drawings from Japanese schools.


The comments section made me laugh. Many of the comments were about why Japanese schools still have chalkboards instead of whiteboards. How would you answer that question? Which do you prefer?


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