“All that is solid melts into air”

That is, I think, the translation of this video (“Todo Lo Sólido Se Desvanece en el Aire”) by French-Chilean singer Ana Tijoux. I don’t understand most of the lyrics to the song but the video makes it easy enough to understand what she wants to say.

I think a lot of people will see this video and think, “Well, that’s just a song about socialism/communism.” Especially those who recognize the “All That is Solid” title as being from Marx and Engels’ Communist Manifesto (see it in context in Chapter 1). I’m not condoning or condemning the ideas, but I do think we should know what something is about before we criticize it out of hand.

And it’s a good opportunity for you Spanish majors.

Here’s an article about Ana Tijoux from NPR, where you can learn a little about the singer’s background and the album, called “Vengo”, which the article says is “virtually flawless”.



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