Small plates and big steaks

Watch a group of second graders eat a very, very expensive meal:

There’s a short article from the New York Times about it, too.

It reminded me of a Japanese variety show I’ve seen a couple of times. It’s hosted by Downtown’s Hama-chan, or at least he’s on it. I don’t remember the name, though. A group of TV personalities gets together and they choose dishes from a menu of a certain restaurant. I think the theme, or the restaurant, changes each week. Then they have to try to guess the price. At the end of the meal, the person whose total is closest to the actual total wins, and the loser is presented with a check for the total of everyone’s meals. They bring cash and show the cash to the camera at the beginning of the meal. It’s a strange concept.

The other day I watched it for a little while and the theme was steak. Most of the steaks on the menu were enormous: 500 or 750 g. For one person. Obviously they’re not going to eat the whole thing: they’re supposed to eat a full course meal (and most of these “talents” weigh practically nothing). What a waste, I thought. Or maybe they get doggy bags.


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