The father and mother of Japanese whisky

Have you been watching “Massan”? It’s the latest NHK morning drama, a fictionalized account of Masataka Taketsuru and his Scottish wife. Together, they brought the art of whisky making to Japan.

There’s an interesting and informative article from the BBC about them, with pictures of the real Massan and Rita :

“The Scottish mother of Japanese whisky”


Images from: the BBC article (left) and the NHK “Massan” site (right)

I haven’t started watching Massan yet, but I’m recording it to binge-watch when I have time. It’s good practice for my Japanese. I did the same with the previous drama, “Hanako & Anne”, the fictionalized account of the life of the woman who translated “Anne of Green Gables” into Japanese.

I’m curious to find out why Rita (whose real name was actually Jessie, according to the BBC article) is called Ellie in the drama.


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