Dragons, soup and courage

Here’s a kanji (Chinese character) quiz. What kanji character do you get with this?

Lincoln puts a lid on 3 cups of American coffee

You have to think about the answer in Japanese, of course. It’s a relatively complicated kanji. Ask me in class if you’re not sure.

In Chinese (Mandarin, I guess), this is the most complicated kanji:


It’s apparently a kind of noodle, according to this article from Mental Floss: “What is the Most Complex Chinese Character?”

And the character made by combining 4 dragons means “verbose” (someone who talks a lot), although the article says the word is not used anymore.


In the article, you can find a video showing the correct order for writing the noodle kanji, as well as an unusual and complex character that means “the sound your voice makes when you have a stuffy nose”.

Complex and beautiful is often what people look for when they make t-shirts or get tattoos. I remember the scene in “Big Bang Theory” when Sheldon tells Penny that her tattoo says “soup” (she thought it meant “courage”).

And here’s another one, from a movie called “Larry Crowne”:



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