Could you graduate from an American high school?

Graduating from high school in Arizona just got a little tougher. Students are now required to pass a civics test. More states may follow:

“Arizona 1st In Nation To Require High Schoolers To Pass Civics Test” (from NPR)

You can also find an example test and answers in the NPR article, and a poll showing that most readers approve of this change:

If you’d like to quiz yourself, here’s one place to do it: Naturalization Self-Test

Some of the questions are pretty simple:

Looks like I might be able to graduate: I got a 96% (I missed the question about the Federalist Papers) on the first practice test and 100% on the second, which I thought was a bit easier. But the test the students have to take has 100 questions (!) and they have to get at least a 60% to pass.

Do Japanese high school students have to pass a similar test to graduate? How about the Center Test — do some of the questions on this test qualify as civics questions? Do you think Japanese high school students need to know more about civics?



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