Lost? Make your own sign.

This is an old story, but it’s inspiring. Just don’t try this at home. Or if you are tempted to do some “guerrilla public service,” think very, very carefully before you do.

Read about / listen to it here: “Episode 152: Guerrilla Public Service” from 99% Invisible. The audio and text aren’t exactly the same, but it will be good listening practice.

There’s a video about it on YouTube, too:

It’s inspiring not because he’s committing a crime (although the Robin Hood-esque-ness of his crime makes it better?), but because he saw a problem and decided to do something about it instead of just complain. And because of the incredible research and preparation that went into his project.

I don’t drive much anymore — Tokyo’s public transportation is so good, it’s just not necessary —  but I do remember when I lived in Yokohama and drove a lot, there was one very confusing sign that said Route 16 (if memory serves) went both straight and left at the same time.


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