Kicking and wagging

Boston Dynamics has a new robot that I thought looked like a horse, but they’re calling it Spot, so I guess they’re imagining a dog. (Spot in the US is like ポチ maybe, a typical name for a dog.) Read about what it may be used for here:

“Google’s Boston Dynamics Unleashes Kick-Proof Robot Dog: What Can It Be In the Future?” (from Tech Times)

The kicking part is controversial (who kicks a dog?), but it shows how amazing the technology is.

When I thought about dog collocations (certainly not “kick the dog”!), I remembered the movie “Wag the Dog”. The phrase is an idiom that means “diverting people’s attention away from something” and the movie is thought-provoking and funny in a dark way. It’s about how a certain government hires a movie producer to orchestrate a fictional war overseas, in order to focus the public’s attention away from a scandal at home. It’s a good movie to rent if you want to think about politics and the media. And it’ll be good for your listening practice.

The Japanese title is 「ウワサの真相/ワグ・ザ・ドッグ」. That’s a pretty good title for this movie: “The Truth Behind the Lie.”

Here’s the trailer:


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