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Yearbook ideas

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Although a new academic year has just begun in Japan, one is ending in another month or two in most US schools. It’s yearbook time.

What’s a yearbook? Typically, it’s a nicely designed book, published in hardcover, filled with photos of the school’s students, teachers, and their activities over the year. There are pages for clubs and circles, and pages for graduating seniors. Often, each profile picture has a comment under it by the student, and in some schools they have special designations for students like “Most Likely to Be a Successful CEO” or “Most Likely to Start Her Own Band” or “Most Likely to Become Famous” and things like that.

I’ve heard that in Japan, it’s more common to have two separate books: a 卒業アルバム (graduation album) with photos and a 卒業文集 (graduation anthology) with writing.

In the US, the yearbooks are typically, I think, made by the students. In the schools (both high school and college) I attended, there was a special Yearbook Club and the students in that club were responsible for compiling the yearbooks, including taking the photos, collecting stories and comments, and writing and editing the text.

What was your yearbook experience in high school? Does your university have a yearbook?

I thought about yearbooks today because of this article from National Geographic:

“In Afghanistan, a Yearbook Takes on Special Significance”

It’s an interview with the creator of the project, and it’s a very touching story.

Yearbook Afghanistan

And here is a link to the yearbook website: Yearbook: Afghanistan

Speaking of yearbooks, you can find lots of celebrity yearbook photos online. Can you guess who this is?

Who is this?Hint: She may be the next president of the U.S.


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