The power of wasabi

When did you last eat wasabi? What was it with? Sashimi? Sushi? Maybe avocado and tuna? Or maybe chicken and radish sprouts with mentaiko/mayo dressing? (That last one sounds really good. And if an English speaker doesn’t understand “mentaiko”, you can explain it this way: spicy cod roe.)

But there may be another use for wasabi: medicinal. Read about it:

“Burn After Eating: How unlocking the secrets of wasabi could lead to better pain meds” (from Slate)

Wasabi seems to be a fairly common name for Japanese restaurants in the US, too. There’s one in Chicago (ramen but with other dishes, too), at least two in NYC, and there’s one called Wild Wasabi in Portland.

Some things to talk and write about:

  • Have you ever seen a restaurant named Wasabi in Japan? Is it a good name for a business?
  • What’s your favorite way to eat wasabi? Did you like it even as a kid?
  • Have you ever eaten horseradish (what’s called 西洋わさび in Japan)? How is it different?

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