Why stop at kindergartens?

This TED Talk about an unusual kindergarten made me want to change both the architecture and the policies in our high schools and universities in some similar ways.

“Takaharu Tezuka: The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen” (Filmed September 2014)

Some parts I liked, copied from the interactive transcript:

“…if the boy in the corner doesn’t want to stay in the room, we let him go. He will come back eventually, because it’s a circle, it comes back.”


They need noise. And you know, you can talk to your friends in a noisy bar. You are not supposed to be in silence.”


“…And in this kind of occasion, they learn to help each other. This is society. This is the kind of opportunity we are losing these days.”


My point is don’t control them, don’t protect them too much, and they need to tumble sometimes.”


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