It’s okay to change your mind

People around the world may think that the people of a particular country believe this or believe that. And sometimes they might be right. But wait a little and things may change. For certain issues, things have changed very quickly in the US, for example.

Here are some interesting graphics about how views — and policies — have changed on 6 key social and political issues:

  • interracial marriage
  • prohibition (prohibiting the making, buying and selling of alcohol)
  • women’s suffrage (the right to vote)
  • abortion
  • same-sex marriage
  • recreational marijuana (vs. medical marijuana)

Click on the screenshot below to see more graphics and details:

six issues(via Bloomberg)

I would love to see a similar set of graphics for social changes in Japan. Research project idea, anyone?

What are the issues you could look at? Immigration, maybe? Attitudes towards nuclear power? Article 9 of the constitution? Women in the workplace? English language education?


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