“If the oceans don’t make it, neither will we”

Some students will be listening to Jackson Browne’s “If I Could Be Anywhere” (and it’s here on YouTube) this week and talking about solutions to the problem of plastic pollution. Here’s another video that will get you thinking:

Some links to help with a research project about this issue:

Here’s a link to one governmental organization that has pledged to do something about the problem:



Here’s more information about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (from National Geographic):



Here’s an article from NBC news about the issue: “Millions of Tons! Scientists Tally Up Plastic Pollution in Oceans” (February 2015)

Here’s an article from Student Science: “Tiny plastic, big problem” (April 2015). There’s a lot of information in this one.

Lists like this may be US-centric, but they can inspire you to find out more about the companies you buy from (and many of these are in Japan):

Waste and Opportunity


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