What will we be printing next?

The people of a small town in Spain have been cloned. Well, sort of. They’ve all been scanned and printed with a 3D Printer. Read the story here:

“Spanish Company Scans and 3D Prints Every Resident of Village” (from Make:)

Find out more about the scanner here (you can read the page in Spanish and French, too, if you’re studying those languages).

Elsewhere in the Spanish-speaking world, “3D Printers Create Undulating Landscape of Gabriel García Márquez Musings” (from PSFK). Actually, this is happening in Spain, too, though Gabriel Garcia Marquez was from Colombia. If you’ve never read “100 Years of Solitude,” it should go on your list of things to read someday.

And then there’s food:

“Foodies Embrace 3-D–Printed Cuisine” (from Scientific American)

chocolate globe

One engineer says (from the Scientific American article):

“There is a big debate in the 3D-printing world: will one day everybody have a 3D printer at home? Is it like a personal computer? I think the answer is yes, but it’s not going to print plastic. It’s going to be a food printer.”

What will we be printing next? Will we all soon have 3D printers in our homes?



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