Love of humanity

I bet that video made you think of Hachiko. The loyal dog has inspired statues, movies and more (see my post from April 2014).

In March, Hachiko and his owner were reunited, in a way: “Hachiko finally reunited with owner in statue erected at University of Tokyo” (from Asahi).

80 years since the death of Hachiko, Akita dogs are popular worldwide and even inspire loyalty in other dogs.

What are your views on organ donation? I remember talking to some older Japanese folks about it a while ago, and many of them were against it. They said that because of their religious (spiritual?) beliefs, they wanted their physical bodies to be whole after they passed on. Most younger people I talk to don’t seem to share those beliefs. Personally, I feel that when I’m dead, if any part of my physical self is still useful, go ahead and use it.

The word “philanthropy” means “love of humanity” (phil = love / anthropos = human). It most often applies to actions we take to benefit the welfare of other people, like donating money or time and volunteering. Really, it’s just a fancy word that means kindness, isn’t it?


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