Rules of the road

Bothered by people who park their cars where they’re not supposed to? There’s an app for that:

“Call Out Poorly Parked Cars With the App ‘TowIt'” (from CityLab)

The app says it’s for calling attention to bad drivers, too, and that it uses “globally crowdsourced data that reduces traffic congestion, pollution & collisions.”

The map on the app site shows that it’s mostly people in Toronto using it, which makes sense since that’s where the app was created. There are quite a few in Singapore and Spain, too.


None yet in Tokyo. If we can call out insensitive and unaware bicyclists, too, it might catch on here. Especially now that the new law requires reckless cyclists to attend three safety lectures that cost ¥7500 each (about $60) — or pay a fine of ¥50,000 (about $400). I see some of these laws being broken every day:

cycle laws


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